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To be a Full Member of the Institute you need to be an Accredited Counter Fraud Specialist or be able to demonstrate suitable experience or qualifications.

If you have not yet qualified as an ACFS but are currently undergoing Foundation Level training, you can join as a Student Member.

If you have not attained the ACFS qualification but work within the counter fraud community and can demonstrate suitable experience or other qualifications you may still be eligible join - please see the appropriate membership application form.

The ICFS is pleased to announce that at it's Annual General Meeting and Conference held in June 2013, a resolution was passed to permit the Institute to form as Private Limited Company, this allows the Institute greater flexibility. The Executive are grateful to its membership in unanimously agreeing this move forward.

Latest News Items

November: NHS Scotland press release now in Members Downloads and Forum

The ICFS membership has agreed to open up membership of the Institute to those who have not necessarily attained the Accredited Counter Fraud qualification but who work in a counter-fraud or counter-corruption role and can provide evidence of relevant training and experience. Any suitably experienced and qualified person can now apply for 'full' membership of the ICFS. Please ensure you supply full background information as requested on the application form.

In addition, we are offerring our existing members a free extension to their membership as a sign of the Boards appreciation of the support our membership has offerred whilst we have suffered website / email problems. We are extending the access to our restricted forums to past members (whom will be contacted).